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The Valley’s Newest Branded Car Buying Experience!

  • Buy a Renewed vehicle and save thousands.
  • YES you Can Finance it, and YES you can insure it!
  • All vehicles are Renewed to top performance.
  • First Oil Change: FREE
  • Certified Air Bags
  • Only $300 doc fees
  • 12 month or 12,000-mile limited powertrain warranty included.
  • Each car comes with a 3 day 100% money back guarantee.

Why Choose ReNew Auto Sales?

If you are in the market for a quality used vehicle, we highly recommend you explore the options at ReNew Auto Sales.

Here are a few reasons why you can trust that our branded title vehicles are in excellent condition:

  • Our buyers scour salvage lots for the highest quality branded title vehicles. Less than 10% make the cut.
  • From there, our extensively trained mechanics perform a 32-point inspection on your branded title vehicle and refurbish any aspect that isn’t up to snuff.
  • Our customers praise the quality and pricing of our vehicles.

Now that you know about the advantage of choosing a branded title dealership over the used car dealerships call us at 602.526.1556 to arrange for a test drive!

We Don’t Fix Cars that Look Like This

We Fix Cars that Look More Like This

What is a Branded Title?

A branded title vehicle is any vehicle that has been involved in an insurance incident. If you get into an accident, whether it’s a fender bender or a major collision, your vehicle will be branded and its residual value will depreciate due to its title designation. That means there’s a niche market for quality used vehicles with low residual values that don’t accurately reflect their conditions.


Is it Totaled? When Its Close, The Answer Is Almost Arbitrary

Assume a car is worth $10,000: If there is $9,500 in damage the insurance company fixes it and the consumer is delighted to have their car back. If there is $10,500 in damage it is “totaled” – this car is not much different from the one above, yet now its “JUNK”

Branded Due to Collision

Every day in America, nearly 20,000 vehicle accidents occur, resulting in a spectrum of vehicle damage, from minor bumps and scrapes to total loss. Given this high volume of accidents, a substantial number of cars receive the “branded title” status daily. At Renew Auto, our Certified Buyers are highly skilled in identifying vehicles with minimal damage—truly the cream of the crop.

These carefully selected vehicles are then entrusted to Authorized Renew Auto Rebuilders for professional repair. Following this, the vehicle undergoes an aggressive Drive Cycle during road testing. Upon successful completion of this test, our Certified Inspectors meticulously conduct a comprehensive 32-Point Inspection to ensure the vehicle has been fully reconditioned, primed, and ready for a new owner.

Did you know? Every day in the United States, more than 2,000 cars and trucks fall victim to theft, leaving their owners devastated and facing a harrowing aftermath. The unfortunate reality is that these stolen vehicles often bear scars of the theft, leading
to branded titles and diminished value.

Branded Due to Theft

AAt Renew Auto , we stand committed to making a difference. When a vehicle is reported stolen, our vigilant Renew Auto Buyers swiftly mobilize, assessing the situation and inspecting recovered vehicles. If the damage is minor, we act promptly, acquiring the vehicle and kickstarting a journey of reclamation and restoration.

Our dedicated Theft Reconditioning Team meticulously works through the vehicle, meticulously restoring every nook and cranny. From front to back, we clean, repair damages, and conduct extensive tests, leaving no stone unturned. After this meticulous process, our Certified Inspection Team steps in, performing a rigorous 32 point inspection to ensure every aspect meets our stringent standards.

Once our experts give their nod of approval, the vehicle proudly bears the Renew Auto three day money back guarantee , a mark of quality and assurance that showcases our dedication to reclaiming stolen vehicles and renewing hope for their future owners.

Renew Auto —where every stolen ride finds its way back, restored and ready for the road. Join us in the journey of reclamation, rebuilding trust, one vehicle at a time.

Branded Due to Hail

The concept of a “branded title” vehicle due to hail damage is straightforward. However, let’s delve into why this type makes it to our Top 5 and how we go about reconditioning a hail-damaged vehicle.

Hail manifests in various shapes and sizes, often striking without warning. From small ice pellets to baseball-sized chunks, hail can leave numerous dings on a vehicle’s top surfaces, including the hood, roof, and trunk lid.

Removing these dings is a meticulous and time-intensive process, prompting most insurance companies to opt for branding the title instead of investing in costly ding removal procedures. Our vigilant Certified Buyers actively track weather patterns, enabling them to be on the scene swiftly to acquire vehicles affected by hail.

At Renew Auto, we’ve made significant investments in technology and assembled a team of experts specializing in hail damage reversal. The outcomes are nothing short of remarkable! After meticulous work by our Hail Reversal Team, the vehicle undergoes a final inspection before becoming available to discerning car buyers visiting our dealerships daily, eagerly seeking these elusive branded title vehicles.